2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 最後壓軸大賽即將開賽,期待各地乒乓高手齊聚,爭取最好成績。

2023NCCCAF VeriSilicon Cup Table Tennis Team Tournament
比賽于12月02日在Table Tennis America, Fremont, CA
報到時間:8:00am - 9:00am
正式比賽時間: 12/02/2023 周六 9am - 8pm ;
比賽地點: Table Tennis America / 42670 Albrae St, Fremont, CA 94538 ;

2023 NCCCAF VeriSilicon Cup Table Tennis Team Tournament Rules and Precautions
2023 北加州華人文化體育協會 芯原科技盃乒乓球團體錦標賽規則及注意事項
2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 游泳比賽于9月10日在Union City, James Logan High School開賽!
2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 羽毛球錦標賽比賽于8月26日在46069 Warm Springs Boulevard, Fremont, CA.
California Badminton Academy 隆重舉行,並完美落下帷幕!

2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 成人組游泳錦標賽比賽將于9月10日在Union City, James Logan High School開賽!

2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 運動大會各項比賽已于8月12日在紅木城Sequoia High School圓滿落幕!
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WorldUS 英文報導
世界新聞網 第21屆華體盛會 嘉賓雲集
北加華體會排球處報導 場上捉隊廝殺,競賽激烈,充分享受排球帶來的快感!2023年華體會排球賽順利落幕
星島新聞網 報導 2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 五系中醫藥大學鷹爪盃國際功夫邀請賽已于7月29日在紅木城Sequoia High School成功舉辦!
2023年北加州華人文化體育協會 太極內家拳錦標賽將于8月12日隆重地在紅木城Sequoia High School(1201 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062) 舉行!
2023年太極內家拳錦標賽 網頁報名
2023年北加州華人文2023年北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會戰地小記者攝影比賽化體育協會運動大會第二十一屆青少年組游泳錦標賽將於Sept. 10, 2023 Sunday at Dan Oden Swim Complex (across from Logan High School) 33901 Syracuse Avenue, Union City, CA 94587.
第21屆NCCCAF 青少年組游泳錦標賽 網頁報名
執行長的話 2023 “守望初心 再啟新程”
- 執行長李競芬的話 - CEO Betty Yuan
第二十一屆北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會將於2023年8月12日在1201 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062 開幕。
北加州華人文化體育協會(簡稱華體會)自2003年起連續第二十一年在北加州舉辦華人體育運動大會,我們有三個使命: 1. 團結華人社區及凝聚華人社團; 2. 活躍華人體育文化生活及事業發展;3. 發掘下一代體育文化人才並融入主流,二十一年來我們做到了。 單項比賽將陸續展開詳情請看ncccaf.org
The 21st Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation will open on August 12, 2023 at 1201 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062.
The Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation has held the Chinese Sports Conference in Northern California for the 21st consecutive year since 2003. We have three missions: 1. To unite the Chinese community 2. To activate the Chinese sports culture Life and career development; 3. Discover the next generation of sports and cultural talents and integrate them into the mainstream. We have done it in the past 21 years. The competition will start on June. For individual competition details, please browse ncccaf.org.
Over the years, the Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation has participated in more than 200 teams, more than 400 competition events, more than 10,000 players, and more than 30,000 spectators. The record is now the largest sports event for Chinese outside Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China. The following activities of the Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation over the years:
2003年首屆運動會獲得600多位義工及100多位體育精英參與; In 2003, more than 600 volunteers and more than 100 elite sports participated in the first Games
In 2004, 127 Chinese American organizations joined us for the opening ceremony and more than 10,000 athletic participants, therefore we are the largest sports event overseas
2005年在奧運冠軍的帶領下, 運動會邁向專業領域;
In 2005, under the leadership of the Olympic champion, we entered the professional field
In 2006, we attracted a wider range of Chinese American ethnic and age groups to participate, breaking many records
In 2007, we hosted the Countdown Outdoor Music Gala inadvance for the Olympic Games to bring blessings and spirit
2008年舉辦〔唱響奧運,愛我中華〕音樂會, 以作為對北京奧運的具體支持和響應;
In 2008, the concert was held as a support and response to the Beijing Olympics
In 2009, a total of 128 organizations participated in the opening ceremony of the slogan "All In and One Family"
In 2010, the "passionate event and harmonious overseas Chinese community" sports event was held to connect the Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Olympics
2011年更以“百年辛亥百尺竿頭”為主題, 來紀念辛亥百年,除發揚華體會專業領導體育競技,強身健體,全僑一家運動精神外,以振興中華,民族復興為使命,也承辦“辛亥百年邁向統一”大型影視音樂文藝晚會,呈現一幅中華百年史實,邁向和平統一的畫卷, 攜手共見這歷史的一刻;
In 2011, the theme of "One Hundred Years of 1911 and 100 Years of Success" was used to commemorate the 100th anniversary of 1911. In addition it was to promote the Chinese experience of professional leadership in sports competition, strengthen the body, and their spirits with the mission of revitalizing China and national rejuvenation. In memory of the "Xinhai 100 Years".
In 2012, "Chinese Sports Ten Years Long Teng Jinshan" drove the cultural and sport life of the Bay Area
In 2013, "hand in hand to surpass dreams" let each of us surpass our expectations
In 2014, "Youth Unleashed Hope" gathers more of the younger generation
2015年”團結爭勝自強不息“為主題,來慶祝抗戰勝利七十週年,與灣區上百社團共同舉辦「北加州兩岸僑胞紀念抗戰勝利七十週年晚會」 - 共同的記憶共同的夢想,表達我們對三千五百萬死難同胞的緬懷與敬意;
In 2015, the theme of "Unity and Self-improvement" is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. This was a common memory, dream, and an expression of our respect of the 35 million compatriots
In 2016, "Inheritance, Carry Forward and Forge the Future" held a party to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's and support his statement that "China must unify the nation in order to rejuvenate"
2017年我們歡度了華體會十五歲的生日,也舉辦七七事變80週年紀念音樂會 - 勿忘國恥圓夢中華,就是要時刻提醒我們自己,銘記歷史,銘記先輩們的犧牲,銘記今天和平生活的來之不易。通過歷史更加深切地體會國家和民族命運變遷的深刻啟示,時刻準備著迎接新的挑戰,捍衛以往的勝利, 弘揚光大中華民族的榮耀與尊嚴;
In 2017, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletics Federation, and also held a concert to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the July 7 Incident.
In 2018, "Same ancestors, one heart and one mind" represents that we are all one family.
2019年”握手未來 共濟共贏” 運動會的召開讓更多華人攜起手來共創美好明天。
In 2019, "Handshake the Future, Mutual Aid and Win-win" convey a better tomorrow.
2022年,迎來20歲生日, 「華體二十,砥礪奮進」,是我們的口號及目標,因新冠疫情而久違兩年的華體會,我們希望經過精心,專業安排,華體會不僅到能舉辦“專業化”的運動大會,成為推廣,分享全民體育的長 設性體育資源中心;同時也希望將優美的中華文化宴饗北加州的廣大華人華僑,豐富我們的生活品質,同時也邀請其他族裔共襄盛舉,表達華裔對社區的參與和支持。這是海外華人展現團結,進步,和諧,共建的文體盛會。
In 2022, the Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation will celebrate its 20th anniversary. "華體二十,砥礪奮進" is our slogan and goal. Due to the epidemic, the Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation has been on hold for two years. However, we hope that this will not only be a professional sports event but will also become a long-term sports resource center for promoting and sharing national sports. Now this is a cultural and sports event that benefits Chinese Americans while also promoting unity, progress, harmony, and reconstruction.
在2023年新的征程中,繼續砥礪奮進、再創佳績。同時希望吸引各族裔人士參與本會各項活動,加強美中文體交流,展現華人在文體上對美國社區的貢獻. 2023 Northern California Chinese Culture Athletic Federation "Watch the original intention, and then open a new journey" group building and work will reach a consensus. The NCCCAF will carry out a series of competition activities this year. The projects and date arrangements are: June, table tennis; July, badminton and martial arts; August, sports conference, track and field, Tai Chi, square dance, tennis, Grass volleyball, and basketball; September, swimming competition, golf. In the new journey in 2023, continue to make progress and achieve great achievements. At the same time, it is hoped to attract people from all ethnic groups to participate in various activities of the NCCCAF, strengthen the exchanges of American and Chinese, and increase the impact of Chinese American in the American community.
我們期待您的支持與參與! 謝謝!
Thank you for all your support and participation these past few years!

華體會辦公室: 2090 Warm Springs Court., Suite 256, Fremont, CA 94539
電話:415-309-1769 傳真:510-770-9938
電子郵件: ncccaf.2022@gmail.com 網站:ncccaf.org
在2003年我為了團結海外華人華僑並聯合兩岸三地的僑胞創辦了北加州華人文化體育協會. 十五年來參與的專職義工及運動員同心協力, 眾志成城, 人數逐年增加,已達數萬人. 華體會每年自五月起即舉行近二十項競賽,義工,運動員在切磋中,培養了相互尊重的運動精神. 八月中旬的運動大會更是北加州的體育盛事,除了創造出傲人的佳績,更培育了無數優秀的青年運動員,發揮以運動會友,團結僑社的創會宗旨. 同時多年來,華體會已舉辦了數百場文化交流及文藝演出, 更為北美洲華人帶來了精采豐盛的文化嚮宴. 感謝歷年來熱心的贊助廠商, 社團及運動員支持與參與,期盼在未來的時光裡,僑社更團結和諧,發揚體育,文化精神,以具體行動,見證中華民族的偉大復興,共圓中國夢.

戴 錡

Northern California Chinese Culture Athletic Federation was founded in 2003 to help unify our overseas Chinese community. During these 15 years, our athletes and volunteers have grown to tens of thousands of participants. Each year, we hold over 20 competitions starting in May and running through the August Sports-Meet, which is recognized as one of the greatest Chinese sports programs in the bay area. Countless outstanding young athletes have been cultivated by us, and we are very proud of all the remarkable records created by our excellent athletes. In addition to our summer focus on sports, we have also organized over 100 cultural exchanges and theatrical performances over the past 10 years. Thanks to our enthusiastic sponsors, associations, athletes and volunteers’ continuing support and participation. We look forward to the ongoing development of our sports and cultural exchange with the overall Chinese community - building on our mission of developing unity, harmony, and spirit through the strong actions of rejuvenating the Chinese nation and dream.

Chi Tai

2023 華體會 07 月 29 日 星期六 五系中醫藥大學鷹爪盃國際功夫邀請賽圓滿成功
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